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Wild Sea Women

I am delighted to be part of the Wild Sea Women network as one of their leaders based in East Lothian, Scotland.

Wild Sea Women® (WSW) are a community of women from all walks of life, who come together collectively to support and encourage one another while taking an invigorating dip in the sea (or other cold natural water).

The group is not so much about swimming (though many women do swim too!), but rather dipping and enjoying the many benefits of the cold water.

The concept of cold open-water swimming has been around for centuries! However, it only seems to be in the past few years, that the practice of swimming in wild locations is really being acknowledged more widely for its many physical and mental health benefits.

Whether in seas, lochs or rivers the colder the water the better! Often hailed as an elixir for good health, cold open-water swimming has been linked to pain relief, and a reduction in inflammation, increased concentration and libido, improved circulation, and has significant positive impacts on chronic low-mood and stress, to name just a few benefits. And, science is backing it.


We usually meet at a regular time all year round across areas of England and Scotland; with leaders in East Lothian in North Berwick, Dirleton, Gullane and Thorntonloch; as well as the seaside town of Edinburgh - Portabello.


We begin our session with safety tips, followed by breathwork and a meditation to relax and calm the body and mind in preparation for taking a dip in the sea. We will also run through how to warm the body up in the most optimal, safest way when you come out.

As a Kundalini Yoga teacher, I often combine the offer and run beach Kundalini Yoga classes followed by a Wild Sea Women pre dip session and guided sea dip.


I more than happy to offer beach Kundalini Yoga and guided sea dips to groups who are visiting the area or as a team building day out in East Lothian. Just get in touch.

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